Online Grievance Management system is most valuable factor in today’s life because the worlds become digital. We developed this system to enhance the way of resolving the college related complaints.

A Grievance is a feeling of dissatisfaction whether express or not, whether valid or not ,arising out of anything connected with the college or any organization which students or other faculty members thinks ,believes or even feels to be unfair. So By using this, students or other members of the college can speak freely about their college related problems. this problems can be solved by the admin or the respective committee head.

Online Grievance management system is the best way express our feelings or thoughts about college. In this system, Student or other faculty members wants to login first. So that when the user enters complaint ,he/she will get information about that complaint into their account. and also next time the user will not need to login into the system. According to its username and password he/she will get authority to use the system. User will also get status information about their complaints.